Allan Licona (mostly known as The Fursuit Guy) is the Second Side Kick in RockOn!Comedy. He was born on December 20, 1998. He is known as The Fusuit Guy because in all the episodes he appears (only the recent ones) he just talks about the fursuit he claims to get.

Allan's Actual Twitter image.

School History of Allan Edit

Actually, Allan has been expelled of 3 schools. This comes from having problems and fights with classmates and teachers. The first time they expell him was on 1st grade in La Estancia School, considered one of the best schools in the city. He gets ussualy not so low grdes (60%-80%) But at least he passes the classes. All the teachers hate him by the way.

Allan at RO!C Edit

Allan appeared for first time in "RO!C Going to Megacon Part 1" as a simply guest of Waflera and Caracolito to the Megacon. Then of that he was invited to make part of RO!C He had his own mini episode "Technology with BluMacawL" He had been called before BluMacawL, because of his old Youtube channel. He is just the one that only talks about fursuits and makes crazy things. *xD*
RO!C Megacon

In Megacon.

Allan in La Hora De Español Edit

He made his first participation on Monday January 23, 2012; as Ana Rebel and Waflera's new classmate. The cartoon hadn't being entirely realeased, just a part.

BluMacawL Productions Edit

Allan before entering to RO!C's staff, he had his own Youtube channel were he made critics and interviews with a program called Loquendo. His videos got not so high ratings, but he got a pretty good amount of subscribers. His channel was closed thanks to the ammount of Flags and Copyright demmands. He had an small segment where he published his favorite songs called "BluMacawL Music Videos". The segment got low ratings so he decided to cancel it.

Furry Life Edit

Allan is actually a Furry. For more information about Furries watch this video:

thumb|right|340pxThen of watching the video, you will understand why he wants the Fursuit so much. His Fursona is a Wolf-Dog, so you can know more about him.


Allan's favorite phrase. He trolled Waflera's facebook writing trolololo more than 200 times on her wall, until her iPad got pasted of many notifications. He did the same with Caracolito's and Mauricio's facebooks. Trolling is a hobbie for him. He once trolled a group on facebook called Rio Fans Club VIP, and he actually hates that group.

His Birthday in RO!C Edit

Supposetly, on Allan's birthday on December 20, 2011, they will make a special episode in his birthday.

Allan in Twitter Edit

Allan opened twitter on December 12, 2011, but people thoughts about if it's the Original Allan. If it is @ExilePeanut... HE IS ALLAN! Please follow him on Twitter: @ExilePeanut on Twitter