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Welcome to the RockOn!Comedy WikiEdit

A wiki about the Honduran Comedy, RockOn!Comedy

Created the 20 of March, 2011. It was created by Maria J. Lozano aka Waflera.


The Comedy features many parts/characters.

On YouTube screen: ~The normal episodes: By Waflera, Caracolito ~The normal episodes featuring other charcters: Tatico, Camarita, Allan 'BluMacawL', Mauricio [from TuMadre], AnaRebel, Clarence in between others. ~Short Clips - featuring Waflera & Caracolito -Short Clips - featuring AnaRebel, Michi-mon, Clarence, and others -Specials -Announces - Live @ - like: •Live@Diunsa •Live@Theater •Live@Megacon -Covers: Waflera singing songs asked by fans. In some of them, Parts of the RO!C staff help with backing voices -The Guy and MiniWafleraCartoon - 2 made-in-paint cartoons created by Waflera -Sam Magunetto - RO!C vocaloid in the show, there are only covers. -Top 10 - Top 10 with fav. Songs of the RO!C staff

Cartoons [on twitter]: 

~La Hora de Español: By Waflera and AnaRebel [both ideas and drawings] ~ Pokémon Fanmade Cartoon: by: HighClazzPwning/Waflera [Ideas by HighClazzPwning - Drawings Waflera]

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