Lia, RO!C STAFF- is divided in many groups. By schools and categories. Schools(Just Real Characters) The DCIS crew: Waflera, AnaRebel, Hrdz, Michi-mon; secondary: clarence, tatiko and pako. Macris Crew : Caracolito and Camarita. International School: Allan (no official nickname)

Categories Edit

Main: Waflera: The main one. And the creator. Her main work is at being one of the protagonists. She also sings, and do the cartoons. A cartoon ver. of herself is in "La Hora De Español" Caracolito: Waflera's side-kick. She edits almost all of the episodes of RockOn!Comedy. Allan: not with a nickname yet. He is the second sidekicker in RO!C --- Suporting/Main (its kind of a mixture) -AnaRebel: she also participates in La Hora de Español, sometimes she does the cartoons too. -Michi-mon: she in RO!C is a mixture of a pokemon and a human. -Hrdz: she stop appearing after episodes. --- Suporting Characters -Tatiko -Camarita -pako -clarence Fiction Live Characters: Abuela de Caracolito, Doctora Patty, Veronica de la Cruz Roja Cartoons:

  • the guy and MWC*

-Tg -Mwc

  • La Hora de Español*

-Waflera (cartoon ver.) -AnaRebel (cartoon ver.) -Spanish Teacher

  • Pokemon Cartoon Ver.*

-Ash/HCP -Dawn/Waflera

Vocaloid Sam Magunetto