RockOn!Comedy Staff Edit

-There They Go by Fort Minor -Remember the Name by Fort Minor -Stand Up Comedy by U2 -Numa Numa -We'll Be Alright by Travir McCoy -One X by Three Days Grace-Not Afraid by Eminem -Knives and Pens - BVB -We made it -Me Against the World by Simple Plan


-I don't Care by Fall Out Boy -Rescue Me by Tokio Hotel -I don't Care by Apocalyptica ft. 3 Days Grace -Sweet Blaspehmy -Human by the Killers


-So What by Pink -You Don't Own Me by disiple -Attention by Tokio Hotel -Question! By SOAD -Misery Busisness -Trouble by NSN

Ana RebelEdit

-Beautiful By Christina Aguilera -Live Your Live by Rihanna and T.I. -Alien by Tokio Hotel -Last Friday Night by Katy Perry -Airplaines

Allan NelsonEdit

-Petrified by Fort Minor -I Write Sins not Tragedies - Panic At The Disco -Moves Like Jagger -Strange by Tokio Hotel ft Kieri -Dogs Unleashed -Same Direction By Hoobastank -Figure 0.9 by Linkin Park -When they Come for me by Linkin Park


-Umbrella by Rihanna -Hero by ... -Love Like Woe - The Ready Set -Lost in you by three days grace -Me Love by Saen Kingston -I just Laugh by Never Shout Never -Falling With You by Muse -Emergency Roon by Rihanna and Akon -Hanging By A Moment - LifeHouse -Remember December by Demi Lovato -Remember the Time by Michael Jackson -Oh Yeah by Big Time Rush -She's a Lady by Forever the Sickest Kids -Grenade by Bruno Mars -The Drug in me is You -Replay -Vanilla Twilight