LeoLito is the believe that RockOn!Comedy fans have about Leo, that has appeared in RockOn!Comedy two times. One was in the First Movie: RockOn!Comedy a "Rando" Christmas. The other appearance was in RockOn!Comedy Live: RO!C @ MegaCon. He was in a KungFu Panda cosplay, as Waflera explained. Which caused many RO!C fans to take photos with him

@Movie Theater Edit

A RO!C fan that found the main part of the RO!C Staff at the movie theater took photos, which can be found in a Personal Blog and Facebook account. The photos reviled Waflera & Allan "Nelson" together, the 4 month couple for the first time they didn't called the attention of the fans. Because besides that couple its showed a new couple... Leo, and Caracolito. The to-be-a-new-ro!c-couple were sitted together, and in the photo both of them where looking at each other.