RockOn!Comedy: Waflera: La Hora de Español, is a series of cartoons Waflera uploaded to twitter on October 10, 2011.


It talks about what 'happens' in the spanish class. How they give her detentions, and how the teacher punish/screams at Waflera for trying to be rebel. Meanwhile the teacher always tells Ana 'good job, continue with that atitude to ana'.


Waflera:The black haired girl the always gets punished. In difference of RockOn!Comedy, she is Ana's sidekicker, but the protagonist (as well as ana and kcres).

Ana Chavez: Wafleras rebel classmate who never gets in trouble. She uses a pony tail (twisted) to the side, and when she feels rebel, she usually puts thumbs up or her hands behind her head. She recognize by the phrase, "Calmada Venada, Serena Morena", in other words saying to calm down.

Spanish Teacher: The teacher who acts defiantly to ana, and cruely with Waflera

'Kcres': A blond guy. At first it was Waflera's crush who thinks Ana and her are crazy. Later, its shown Waflera stop felling in love with him. The feelijg of love was replaced by hate. Now both of them are shown with an enemisty. He is a sad character, which have never smiled in the series. He is more known in real life, because he is the guy who put a finger up, causing people to laugh.


The cartoon by its 2 days, it had caught the atention of many RockOn!Comedy fans. They made LHDE fanclub. And the Ana Rebel Fanclub.

Translation Edit

A German and a Korean translation where created. Translators use Sketchbook (the program Waflea use to make the cartoons) to make their ttranslation, so the "effect isn't ruined."