Sarah Zelaya better known as 'Caracolito' (her nickname, is Waflera's B.A.F/sidekicker/co-protagonist in RockOn!Comedy

Personality in RockOn!Comedy Edit

She acts borred and depressed, but when she tries to imitate Waflera, she turns completely into a maniatic person. She normally gets hitted by Waflera, but doesn't do nothing, because she is thrown in the floor.

Participation in RockOn!Comedy Edit

She interprates her own Grandma, Abuela de Caracolito. Caracolito Tapes some of the parts of the episodes, as well as her younger sister. She edits all of the videos (obviously, the ones that have some edited parts, like color, music, text, ect.) She also cooks (pudding).

Personality in Real Life Edit

Waflera describes her as a good friend and teamworker; "although you see her 'darkside' in RockOn!Comedy, in real life she COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE. Although she helps me with my 'crush' problems." She likes Rock, Metal, Post Hardcore, Trance, Electro Metal, etc. Her favorite band is Tokio Hotel and Escape The Fate who are rock and pop rock.